Monday, May 26, 2008

Jamesons almost crawling!

Here is a video clip Bethany took up in Brooke and Bailey's room, of Jameson's army crawl.Sometimes he'll get up on all fours and take a few moves, but usually goes back to this to get to where he wants to go.It's so cute to watch the determination in his face to get to something out of his reach.He's also got a second tooth coming in.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A month has gone by!!!

I seriously can't believe how quickly time goes by.Its kinda scary.I don't ever remember time going by like this, even just ten years ago.
Well, I will recap the past months highlights: April 24--26 was our twice yearly trip to Jericho (the sand dunes). We had a blast like we always do. Jameson didn't like it too much--I could tell he was kind of discontent and restless.He wanted his toys and our bed and home, I think. But he was pretty good. My cousin Chris dug a big pit and lined it with tarps to make a playpen for the three baby boys. It was awesome!We used it quite a bit.It is so fun to be with family. I love the inside jokes, the closeness,and the love you feel because you are family.

My neck has been killing me for a month now. I've been to the chiropractor three times and it hasn't helped. I think it started because I lay on my side to nurse Jameson to sleep a lot. But he loves it, and so do I. I love cuddling with him, rubbing his head and falling asleep together. So I don't want to stop doing it.I don't know; hopefully it will get better on it's own.

We have been doing a lot of Spring Cleaning, much to the kids disappointment.:)We are getting rid of a lot of stuff--chairs,toys,clothes,etc.My basement is looking much better.Next is the garage. I'm sure the kids will be thrilled. ha ha

Last Saturday my ward had a "Riverton Idol" activity. I played my accordian in it!! It was funny and everyone was laughing. I looked up from my playing to see everyone with their arms in the air, swaying from side to side. It was really funny!!

On Mothers Day, the kids made me breakfast in bed and then I opened my cards.I love to get a letter from them.They are priceless to me. And then at church, I had to speak in sacrament meeting!! That's what you get for Mother's Day when your husband is in the bishopric!! lol I spoke on Motherhood. That is something I guess I know a little bit about!! ha ha It went well and I was pleased with it.
We spent the day with both of our families.

Bailey had her 5th grade Patriotic Program and my Mom came down to go to it with me. Then we went out to lunch at Olive Garden.That's such a good program; I've seen it 5 times now from my five fifth graders so far, and I still love it.

On May 15th I went up to Ogden to go to a Mandy Patinkin concert with my mom,sister Di, brother Jake and his girlfriend Cassey.I really like Mandy Patinkin a lot. His voice is amazing. He was very funny too. At the end of his concert, he said, "I never end a concert without saying this: "Hello!! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father. Prepare to die!" It was REALLY funny.
It was a fun evening. But I missed my baby so much. I kept texting Jess and Beth and telling them to send me pictures of what he was doing right then.Beth thought I was a little weird. But this was the longest I've ever left him.I kept my phone open while we ate and kept looking at pictures of him.

Today (Saturday May 17th) was a good day. Lots of yardwork.Then in the evening we had our first cookout of the summer. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and fruit salad. Jameson LOVES being outside on a blanket just watching everything. He is VERY content outside.The kids played soccer and jumped on the tramp.I love days like this, with some of everything; hard work, and fun play.

Jameson is 8 months now and is SO close to crawling. He does the "army" thing a little. Mostly he gets on all fours and rocks.He'll take a move forward but then go down flat. But I can tell it won't be long.My others all crawled at 6 months, but this baby is almost NEVER put down so he is progressing more slowly!! ha ha I'm actually glad, because they are so much harder when they are mobile!!!He is also cutting his FIRST TOOTH!!! Bottom right.He is so chunky and cute!! He also LOVES to bathe. When I am holding him and running the water, he is diving out of my arms trying to get in the tub.He sometimes cries when I take him out.He loves to play with his "Bath-ketball" tub toy.

Jess is getting so close to graduation.Unbelieveable.Tonight she is at the Senior Dinner Dance.Only a couple more weeks until she is done with high school.I really can't believe it. She is so glad. She's never been a school lover.I never was either, so I've been able to help her and relate.We are just big homebodies!!

Well life is good.I love my family so much and am so thankful for each of my beautiful children. They are so awesome!!!