Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a good Easter this year. We woke at 9:30 and did our egg hunt and opened presents and looked at our baskets. Even though most of the kids are older, I have told them that on holidays, they just have to play along and still do all the kid stuff. That's what makes it fun!
After church we went to Brian's brother's house for dinner with all the Barnett side.Oh yeah--Tracee is expecting a baby in October!! I'm so happy for them! They tried for so long and then gave up, and now it's happened.Their kids are really excited about it. I took her some baby gifts already because I am SOO excited!!!lol

Later, we went to my moms. The kids did the money egg hunt and we visited for a while.Porter is already standing up to the furniture! Our babies are growing up way too fast.He's only 9 months!
It's so fun to be with family. I love it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

MARCH 14, 2008

Six months ago today
You were born
There, in the middle of the night
My world lit up like dawn

I remember holding you close
And falling in love with you immediately
When they said they had to take you
I cried.

When they told me you had to stay
I sobbed
I wanted you with me, right in my arms

I had waited so long for you, and now you weren’t well
I prayed to God that you wouldn’t hurt

Those first few days in the hospital, I learned again
What pure love feels like
What it feels like when I realize I would be willing to take
Any pain if you wouldn’t have to feel it

I stayed by your little bed, holding your tiny foot
Telling you that everything was going to be okay soon

We couldn’t wait to leave—to bring you home
Where you would be surrounded by love

And now we’ve had you half a year…
The time has passed so quickly
I can’t believe we’ve had you this long

So tiny and innocent
Your eyes and smile so big and bright
A piece of heaven in our home.
That’s what you have been.

I am so thankful for you
And so happy to have provided a body for you;
A home for you.

You truly bring us heaven every day, sweet little J

We love you so much!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

This weekend

Thursday Jameson had a Dr. appointment and he is a big,strong,healthy boy.He'll be 6 months old on March 14th. He weighs 17 pounds and 12 ounces, and is 25 1/2 inches long.He's in the 63rd percentile, so a little bit big for his age, but not too much.He had to get shots and that was sad.I always hate that.I totally LOVE our pediatrician. He calls himself "Dr. Pete"--his first name.(last name is Moskowitz) He is really funny, and so sweet to Jameson---even hugs and kisses him on the head!I was planning on only using him at the hospital-just when he was born-and then taking Jameson to our family Dr, but I love Dr. Pete so much I want to keep seeing him.

On Friday me and the four girls went out with Becky--Chris' Mother and her friend Tami. We went to Olive Garden for dinner, and we were going to go bowling but there was an hour wait so we just came back to the house and read letters from Chris.We also watched video of things Chris did with us, like 4th of July, and Jericho.

Brian has had the flu for a stinkin week now!! He is just miserable. When he gets sick, he is just WIPED OUT.I hate it. He feels terrible.We had plans to go to the Melting Pot with Sarah and her man, but we had to cancel cuz he is still sick.

We had a nice Sunday today. Ward conference. A non-member friend of Bethany's, David, came with us to church. Whetton stopped in to see us--he was on his way back from Pleasant Grove where he had attended a former companion's homecoming.We had a yummy rice and gravy dinner and David and Whetton ate with us. Then we watched the video of our California Trip all together.It made me want to go back already!

Wow the weather was AWESOME today!So warm and nice.Gave us all Spring Fever.I am ready for Spring.I want to go to Jericho!!!
Well we are going to get out our Easter decorations so I will sign off now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We just returned from an AWESOME trip to California. We had a REALLY good time--better than I thought it would be. Weather was great--70's, and even a couple days that were 80 degrees! It was a shock to come back to 30 degrees! We flew, which was really nice because we were there in an hour and a half instead of 12 hours of driving! We had 5 days of Disneyland, 2 of Universal Studios and one day at Knott's Berry Farm. The kids had a blast swimming each night at our awesome hotel. We LOVED this hotel---our room was HUGE with three rooms, and a kitchenette, two bathrooms and three T.V.s! It was SO nice to have all this room, and a room and separate T.V. for the girls, boys, and me and Bri. Free huge breakfast every morning, free guest laundry, swimming pool and hot-tub, and basketball court. We hated to leave!
We also had a very nice visit with Brian's Grandma and Grandpa who live in Montclair. I love them A LOT! They are such good people, and it was so nice to talk to Grandma lots and spend some time with them. She is such a sweet, cute, wonderful lady. We hated to say goodbye to them. We also got to see Brian's cousins and Uncle Richard for a while.
Having the 5 day pass was cool cuz if we got tired of Disney, we would go back to the hotel and relax and swim and watch t.v and not feel like we had to cram everything into one day.

We rented this 12 passenger van that STUNK like a "rat cage" (according to Jess and Bethany) until I bought air freshener trees for it.

Jameson was very good and content the whole time. He would grab the characters noses when we took him up to show him.He slept a lot in his stroller, and just looked around wide-eyed a lot.
Our favorite rides at Disney were; Pirates, Splash Mountain, Soarin' over California, Hotel of Terror, and the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Brian volunteered to be the "star" of the special effects show at Universal--they had him "die" and disappear and all that was left was a skeleton! It was funny.

We got a lot of looks and comments on our big family, luckily none that were rude. I like to see people's reactions. They can't believe we have seven kids!

The beach was so beautiful. I loved watching the kids walk up and down the beach, all of them together looking for shells and feeling the water on their bare feet, and the wind blowing their hair. The waves were crashing behind them, and I took a picture in my mind of all seven of them together, in this exact moment, while they are all still mine, home, together; because that will change in the near upcoming years. It makes me cry even to write this.

We just had the BEST time ever. Usually at the end of a trip I am ready to come home, but I didn't want to leave. I could easily have stayed another few days at least.

Well I may add some things to this post if I realize I forgot something, but for now this is good.