Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Granite Flats

We LOVE to go camping at Granite Flats. This year we waited a little too long, and it was a little cold. But we still loved it and had a good time. Jameson threw rocks in a pond for probably half an hour! He thought it was so fun!
Brian and I showed the kids the tree that Brian carved B+J in many years ago.:)We went for walks and played games and made tinfoil dinners and smores. There is a big rock we always climb that the kids call "picking rock" cuz little pieces will pick off.Everyone else climbed it, and Jameson could see them all up there from his stroller;he started saying, "UH UH!!!" and holding his arms up to them. He wanted to be up there with them too. It was cute.
The picture of all seven of them walking hand in hand is my favorite. I love moments like that.
Saturday morning we woke up to snow! Not a lot, but still snow! Jameson touched his first snow and didn't like it too much.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jameson's 1 year old portraits

He was SOOOOOOOOO cute and happy and the pictures turned out so well!! I went in with a $7.99 coupon and spent $100!!!!!!!!! I had to have them!!! lol He's only 1 once. My VERY favorite is where he is holding the letter "N". When the girl was showing them to me on the computer afterwards--- when you choose the ones you want---I started crying...just because he is so cute and sweet and I love him SO MUCH.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

John Denver

Ten years ago today on October 12, 1998, John Denver was killed in a plane crash. I remember how my Aunt Marie called to tell me, because she knew how much I loved him.I had loved him since I was 10 years old. I cried for three days. Brooke was about 2 and 1/2 and she would say, "Mommy sad? Denver die?"

I still feel sad when I listen to his music. I truly feel like the world lost something exquisite and beautiful when he died. There isn't another songwriter that was quite like him. His love of nature is something I feel too. The one thing that makes me feel better though, is that I know he is at peace from his sadness. I am excited to get to meet him someday! And I know he accepted the gospel, because it would have made sense to him; and given him the peace he was always searching for.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brigham turns 9

Brigham's Birthday was on Oct 4. He is 9 now! He chose not to have a friend party this year and instead get the cash it would have cost. I give them that option.So we celebrated as a family---the day started out with a nice breakfast just for him. Then he opened his presents. Later in the day we went bowling, out to eat, and to a movie. It was a very fun day!! I love you Buddy!!!

Bethany- Homecoming Dance

Bethany was asked to the Homecoming Dance by Jordan. They looked very cute tonight together in their matching clothes. They ate at GoodWood, and after the dance went to a haunted house.Cute couple, eh?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bethany's Birthday Bash

Bethany had a very fun birthday party in our back yard. We rented a HUGE 24 foot tall inflatable bouncy slide that was SO FUN!! Even Brian played on it for hours! I even went on it 3 times---the kids were surprised and thought that was pretty funny. :)We had our fire pit going and everyone made hot dogs and smores. We had a table full of goodies and pop. Bethany's boy Jordan sang with his guitar around the fire and everyone loved it. It was SUCH a fun party. I didn't want it to be over!!
Bethany is so sweet...I love that she didn't care at all that her parents and siblings just hung out with everyone at her TEEN party. A lot of teens would DIE before they'd let that happen. But she is so kind and such a good girl. I can't believe she is 17!!!!!! I love you Bethany!!!!!!