Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank goodness for washable markers!

Jameson LOVES markers. Crayons just don't do it for him. He found a blue one unsupervised here. All I can say is I am SO THANKFUL to whoever invented washable markers! ha ha ha


Finding eggs with Bailey at Uncle Brett's house
He loved finding the eggs!

He would THROW his egg in the dye and then put
both arms in the air and say "YEAH!!!" like he made
a basket!
At the Riverton City Easter Egg Hunt
Here are some pics of Easter 2009. It was so fun to watch Jameson. He was so cute!

This is while we were watching conference. Jameson is enjoying his first Mexican Platter Dip which is a conference Tradition for us. He loved it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

J.J. !!!

Jessie's future mother-in-law :) has been wanting me to post a video of Jameson. Her baby, Anya, is Jameson's obsession right now. lol He LOVES to watch videos of her on Becky's blog and is constantly saying, "ANYA! ANYA!" so now Becky can hear him say it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Just like my big brother"

Jameson often wants to do the same things Brigham does. I think it is so cute. Here, Brig is relaxing with my foot spa, and Jameson insisted on joining him.

Jess gets her tonsils out!!!

Jess has always battled sore throats and gets strep far too often, so we decided it was time to finally get the tonsils out. The first day she was doing pretty well, but its been a week today and she is pretty miserable still. :( But in the future she will be glad! No more strep! Whenever she gets strep, it wipes her out. She gets SOOO sick. So it will be worth it in the end.

Bethany Prom

Bethany and Jordan went to the Prom. Jordans mom made a delicious dinner for their group. They had a great time!

Bailey and Bethany's Jr. Jazz Teams win County Championships!!

WOW both games were "nail-biters" and SO nervewracking to watch! But in the end they both won! It was so exciting and neat!


Brooke was chosen as "Eagle Of The Quarter" at her school. Here is the part they read about her:

"Our first seventh grade Eagle of the Quarter may seem like your average teenager at first. She likes to camp, play basketball, scrapbook, go to the mall with friends, read the Twilight book series...shall I go on? However, nobody who knows her would describe her as typical. She goes above and beyond typical expectations. According to those who have known her the longest, her pleasant and happy disposition has been a dominant charateristic of hers since birth! Her mother can't help but call her an angel because she's always been so easygoing and sweet. She is always helpful and is genuinely concerned about how others feel and what they need.
In the classroom, she always goes the exta mile to ensure her work is the best. She pays attention and is conscientious about her grade at all times. She is diligent about learning and will not stop working at something until she understands. This has proven itself helpful in that she's kept a 4.0 all year.
Her family likes to take trips to California and theyve been to Disneyland, Universal Studios, the beach, and Knotts berry Farm. She has a 1 1/2 year old brother and its no surprise that she's a tremendous help with him.
In the future, she hopes to have a wonderful family, with children and a good husband. Congratulations, Brooke Barnett!"

Thanks for being such a good girl, Brookie. We love you very much!