Monday, August 24, 2009

Cherry Hill

We went on our annual Cherry Hill trip last week and it was really fun. One of the days, the extended family comes and joins us all day, then we have dinner at my trailer and then all the adults go get a piece of their famous Cherry Hill pie together.
The kids really love Cherry Hill and there is so much to do. Batting Cages, mini-golf, Rock Climbing Wall, Aero-Ball, swimming, waterslides, etc. Just FUN everywhere. :)
Jameson loved jumping off the edge of the pool over and over and over... my arms were so tired!
I didnt get any water pictures because I was just too busy with baby Jacob and toddler Jameson and it never worked out. :(

Bear Lake again

We went to Bear Lake with the Smith side this time. It was so much fun. We had some strong winds and Saturday was too cold, but we still had lots of fun.

So sweet....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

County Fair

We love going to the County Fair every year. The kids look forward to many things, the petting zoo, the mechanical bull, the bungy tramp, the rides, the rock wall, etc. Its always lots of fun!

Jacobs new hats

Jameson thought he would give his baby brother some new looks with Mr. Potato Head hats. :)LOL. Jacob is so cute just laying there taking it. :)

Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake over the 24th of July with the Barnett side. We had a great time as always. We got a boat so it was even more fun this year because the kids got pulled on a tube. It is SO fun for them! Jameson had a blast playing on the beach. We tried him on the tube, but he kept repeating his latest favorite saying..."NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY!" lol

Sherwood Hills

Once or twice a year my mom stays at Sherwood Hills in Sardine Canyon. Weall go up and spend the evening swimming there. It is so much fun! The kids love it so much.


We usually host the Fourth down here at our house, but having just had the baby, I wasnt up to it. So we all went up to Willard and celebrated at Grandma Margos. We went to Cherry Days and then had a cookout and did fireworks. It was fun!

Bailey's Party-June

Well I have not had even a spare second to catch up on the old blog so I am going to try tonight. :) In June we had a birthday party for Bailey with a big blow up slide again. It is so much fun for everyone, even my 42 year old husband. :) Grandma Margo was here and also went down the slide! We had a good time and Bailey is now 12!