Monday, January 31, 2011


Mom and Dad's bed is the best:)

Jacob loves to color on the walls....

Making cupcakes with Mom :)
Nice nerd glasses, Jakey!
Brookie in action!
She will love that I posted this one. :)
Jacob is VERY attached to "blankie" and "Baba"
...they even had to go in the TUB today!
The babies love it when I bathe them in the kitchen sink!

Well I have REALLY regretted that I stopped writing in my blog, since it was a way to keep a journal for me. do what you have to do in life, and I guess this was the thing that I had to let go until I could manage another commitment in my crazy life. :)

But I decided that for one of my resolutions, I would write in it at LEAST once a month, the last day of every month, and do a re-cap of that past month with some pictures: this way I at least have SOME journaling of my life.

January has been good: I used to HATE January, but now I enjoy it as a month with NO holidays, NO birthdays, a month of NOTHING after a crazy December, and a good month just to get some things done around the house. My storage room is nice and clean and organized now!

We started the 11:00 block of church instead of 9, and we are all much happier. :) Brian was called to be the Ward Clerk, and I still do not have a calling. (which is fine with me for now:)

This month has been filled with Jr. Jazz and Brookes School ball games, in which her team is undefeated so far! Total wipeouts every game so far! Church ball games, too.

I had a "Scrapbook Kookamonga" with my mom and sisters. (a scrapbook party..I just name each one some weird thing to be silly):) It is SO much fun. I miss them all when they go home. :) We laugh and talk and scrapbook and confide in each other and discuss husbands and kids and eat and laugh some more! I LOVE my mom, sisters and sisters in law like crazy. Family is THE BEST.
Life is so good. I am sometimes in awe of how much I love my life. Sure it seems boring to most...but there is nothing I would rather be doing than running a happy, comfortable, efficient household and producing smart, kind, righteous children. It fills my heart with joy to do the simple things I do every day. :) Cooking, cleaning, laundry, children and babies...seriously are so fun to me! I think I was just born to be a homemaker.
On a sad note, yesterday Jameson got a concussion after church! Brooke and Bailey were playing with him in the gym and he fell and hit his head on the hard wooden floor. It actually knocked him out for several seconds! So scary....he screamed for so long. He was disoriented, dizzy, and unstable on his feet after that. Then he threw up. He was so pale and lethargic and I was getting scared. Brian called Brother Fullmer over and they gave him a priesthood blessing. We took him to the hospital and by the time he was seen...he was acting normally. :) I KNOW it was the blessing :) I am so thankful to be a member of the church and that my husband holds the priesthood and can bless my children!