Sunday, July 27, 2008


We went to Bear Lake from Thursday until Saturday night. Brian's parents own some land up there and all his siblings and us all have camping trailers and we camp and spend the days at the lake. We have been going for many years, and it is SO MUCH fun.
This year, Brian's brother Brett has a new boat, and it was just SO FUN for the kids.
They kneeboarded, wakeboarded, and got pulled on the big tube. They didn't ever want to leave.It was Jameson's first Bear Lake trip and he enjoyed crawling around the beach and eating sand.:) He would spit it out like he didn't like it, but then eat some again.The kids all have so much fun with their cousins and we just really love going to Bear Lake.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We have a traditon of having everyone down for the 4th.(Jenny's side of the family)
They come on the 3rd, we go to the parade and then everyone sleeps over.The next day we have a huge homemade breakfast. Then we go to the Town Days celebration where there are rides,games,food,booths,etc. Then we come back to the house and we are so hot that we do Slip and Slide and have water balloon fights. In the evening we have a cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs. Then we do our own fireworks, and then at 10:00 the city fireworks are set off. We have a perfect view from my front yard so we all lay on blankets and watch. Jameson was SOOOOO cute as he watched them!

Summer so far

Well we are enjoying the summer so far. We have season passes to Seven Peaks water park so we have been a few times. It was fun to take Jameson for the first time. Last year, when I was pregnant, we would talk about how..."Next year we will be bringing a little baby here with us!"
I celebrated my birthday on June 19th. I went shopping all day with my birthday money.About half-way through the day, I realized that everything I had bought so far was for Jameson! LOL So then I made sure I bought some things for myself.Later that night, Brian and I went to The Melting Pot for dinner. That place is SO GOOD! If you have never been there, you have GOT to go.Everything is served in courses and it is fondue.Cheese fondue with veggies and breads, delicious broths to cook your meats in, and chocolate fondues for dessert with fruits, brownies, etc. You have a burner right on your table and you use skewers. It is just unbelievably delicious.
The kids are enjoying sleeping in, staying up late, and playing all day.And NO homework.

Jess graduates!

I can't believe Jessica has graduated! It has been a very strange feeling to accept that my little baby girl is out of high school. She is so happy to be done. She has never liked school at all. When she started kindergarten, she would cry each day and say, "I just want to stay home with you". When I would look at her schoolwork, there were pictures of me she had drawn on the back of her papers, and it would say, "I love you Mommy" So she has just never been very happy about spending 7 hours a day away from home. She is a major homebody and just likes to be home with her family. In seventh grade, we even did half home school for her because she couldn't adjust to Middle school and was really upset every day.
She looked SO beautiful that night in her cap and gown.Both sets of grandparents came down and we all went out to dinner at P.F. Changs, Jessie's favorite.
A couple days after graduation, she and her group of 6 best friends all drove to California for a Senior Trip. She had a blast!