Thursday, March 31, 2011

MARCH 2011

"Helping" mom make cookies for Jared's after-prom party
Jacob loves Daddy to dance with him <3

"AFTER" picture of Jakey's first haircut
"BEFORE" picture of Jakey's "clown hair"
Jameson loves to play "Doctor". I ordered him these

little scrubs that even say, "DR. BARNETT" on them! (click to enlarge)
Jared with his Wisdom Teeth out!!!
My two wisdom teeth kids!
HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jared and Sara, his date

Well March is already over! To recap the month, Brian and Brigham went on an overnight Winter Campout with the Scouts.I am SOOOOO glad Moms are not expected to do that! :)

Brooke and Bailey played on our new wards church basketball team this winter. They were undefeated! They lost their first region game, but it was still awesome that they went undefeated all the way thru til region.

I had a scrapbook party with my sisters. They are so fun and we have the greatest time laughing and talking. I love our inside jokes and that we can talk about anything and everything!

Brian had a business trip to Las Vegas for four days. I HATE when he is gone! I seriously know I am pathetic, but I really cant deal with my husband being gone. :(

Bethany and Jared had their wisdom teeth removed. It was a miserable, horrible week for the two of them. I could not help but laugh every time I looked at them. :)

My sister Diana had her bridal shower and then got married on March 25!!!! YIPPEE!!! This is what we have all been waiting for for so long! Ivan is a great guy and I am SO happy for them!

Poor baby Jakie got his last immunizations. I space them out further than recommended cuz I worry about them somewhat. He didnt like that at all, and I felt so bad for him.

Jared had two proms two days in a row. He looked SO cute in his tux. :)

Things are coming together in the house and yard. Jared and his friends are working for us, doing landscaping and yardwork. Its almost time to get the garden planted, and we also planted a large strawberry patch. The kids are really getting anxious for warm weather and spring!