Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California trip!

Brooke Grace and Grandma Grace

California was AWESOME! We had such a good time. We drove this time, because it would save a lot of money. Just renting a van big enough for us last year cost ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! And since we OWN a van now, we could not justify flying there and paying that much!!The ride wasnt even that bad, it was actually pretty fun. Although we DID get pretty sick of Jameson demanding to watch "BOB!!!" (Spongebob) every second. But the kids were able to work on their homework, sleep, watch movies, play games. It was actually kinda fun to drive.

We stayed in Vegas the first night then continued on to California. We stayed in our favorite hotel, Staybridge Suites. Its just so much fun to change your routine for a week and just swim, sleep, play, eat out, go to Disneyland. etc.

We did the three day pass to Disneyland and by the third day, I LITERALLY couldnt walk anymore. My hips were out of joint, my legs were all wobbly, I was having tons of Braxton Hicks contractions and I just couldnt go anymore. Bri went and rented me a WHEELCHAIR!!! lol even though I felt like an idiot riding around in it, it was SO NICE. :) Thanks babe!! :)

The kids had a blast, and even though Jameson was afraid of a lot of the rides, he still had fun. We LOVED the Toy Story ride. Brigham LOVED Buzz Lightyear. And I think our very favorite is Splash Mountain.

The weather was PERFECT. There were two HOT days, (100 degrees) and we went to the ocean on one of them, which was so much fun. Then the cooler 70 degree days, we spent at Disneyland. It was just perfect---cuz I really wanted a hot day at the beach so the kids could play IN the water fully. But I did NOT want to be dying at Disneyland. So it was just AWESOME the way the week turned out.

We visited Brian's grandparents in Montclair and also attended his cousin Duanes wedding. It was really fun to get to visit with them all. It always makes me wish Grandma lived closer though. She is such an awesome lady and I love her so much.

It was really relaxing and fun to be away together! I realized when we got home that I didnt take very many pictures of Disney--it seemed like we were just there and all the pictures would have just been the But we got a few, like on the Jungle ride and Tarzans tree house. I also was just all dead and not paying as much attention to picture-taking. :(