Thursday, October 29, 2009

The ZOO!!!

My SO adorable baby! :)
This is the coolest merry-go-round--one of the
creatures you can ride is a praying mantis!

Bailey picking an ape's nose. LOL

My eight cute kids and a giraffe!

Cute little Jacob was very good the whole time

In front of the elephants

October 23, 2009 We finally took Jameson to the zoo before it gets too cold. I knew he would love it, and he did. It was so fun to show him all the animals and watch his reactions. The baby elephant was SO cute. We watched her play for a long time. We had such a good time and the weather was great. Afterwards, we went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. I love my family!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brighams 10th birthday!

Brigham had his tenth birthday party and we again rented a big blow up slide. (can you tell my kids love these?) He had so much fun!


Jacob's very first ride!

We went to the Sand Dunes this month, and it was so much fun. The weather was great and we all had a fun time. Jameson especially loved playing in the sand. Jericho is always such a good time and we love being with the family.

Jacobs Blessing

With Grandma Margo and Grandpa Jack
Jacob with his Uncle Jacob!

Happy Boy!

We finally blessed Jacob and it was such a fun day. I love having family and friends to the house. He looked so sweet and cute in his white outfit. He cried during his blessing which is the first time any of my eight kids did that.:)

Bethany turns EIGHTEEN!

Bethany turned the big 18, wow I cant believe it! Where did my little chubby-cheeked thumbsucker go? :( She celebrated with her friends and Jessie by going to stay overnight in a hotel. They went bowling, went out to dinner, and had lots of fun at the hotel.The pool and hot tub were open 24 hours! She said they had the BEST time ever and had so much fun!

Jameson turns TWO!!!!!!!!

All his presents!
Thoroughly enjoying cake and ice cream. :)

With his 92 year old Great Grandpa...notice
his Woody and Buzz--he would not let go of
them all night!
I made him an ELMO cake and he loved it!

He loves his car!!!

I cant believe it is already Jamesons 2nd birthday! We had a fun party for him up at Grandma Margos.


Bethany goes to Homecoming with Jordan Galley
Jameson gets a new big boy bed!

Jacob discovers his hands

Watching "Blues Clues" together. :)

Here are some pictures from September. I know I am so behind with my blog...I am just so busy all the time.