Saturday, April 30, 2011

APRIL 2011

This is how Jacob closes his eyes at family prayer :)

My cute little Jakey with his "blankie" and "baba"

This is how Jameson fell asleep watching a movie!

It cracks me up how he has his hands!

My "Feasting On The Words Of Christ" dinner for our Laurels and Priests

Coloring our Easter eggs! He is at that age where they can't smile on command. :)

Jacob loves to do everything the big kids do. :)

My 6 big kids!

He loved that his hands were green from the dye--he kept saying, "I'm the HULK! "I'm the HULK!"

With the Easter Bunny at the City Park egg hunt

Finding Easter eggs on Easter Morning

Playing his Easter Trumpet! We left it home all day while we were at Family parties, and he kept saying, "I NEED my trumpet!" :)

My 8 BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, SWEET, AWESOME children whom I live for and love so much! :)

All through this month Jacob loved getting into this container of eggs. He would kick his legs and laugh and throw them everywhere. :)

Wow I thought MARCH went by fast, but April was even faster! I can't believe its over!

We really enjoyed General Conference. We have our tradition of Bean and Corn Salsa and 7 layer dip that we always have. I love listening to the words of our Prophet and Church Leaders. I am always inspired and so thankful for the Gospel.

I hosted a "Feasting on the Words of Christ" dinner for the Laurels and Priests in my ward. (I am the Laurel Advisor) It was really cool. Every food we ate had a scripture reference, and they didn't know what they were ordering, because they only ordered by scripture. So some ended up with strange varieties of food. And some ordered only a knife to eat their meal with. ( there is a scripture that talks about a sword--that was their knife) ha ha

Easter was very fun! It always is with little kids. Coloring eggs was a blast, and Jacob and Jameson enjoyed it so much. We spent the day with family and had lots of good food and good company. By the time we got to my Moms, Jacob and Jameson had been in several egg hunts over the past two days. So, we start my Moms egg hunt, Jacob finds two eggs and puts them in his basket. Then he stopped, looked in his basket, and then dumped out the eggs on the ground. He then threw his basket and simply said, "Done". And walked away! I guess he was tired of finding these eggs Mom kept making him find!! ha ha ha

On April 28 and 29, I went to Women's Conference with my Mom, Sarah, Jamie, and my best friend from High School, Debbie. Her mom Barbara also came. We had SO much fun. We went to great uplifting classes, enjoyed the night of service where you help with tons of different Humanitarian options like Newborn Packets, Hygiene Kits, Christmas Stockings for needy children, etc.It is really neat to see all these hundreds of women helping!
We had so much fun shopping and eating out and laughing TONS! I love Women's Conference!

We are looking forward to all the fun things coming up this summer. We just had family council and discussed all the fun things we have planned! I love my family so much and love my life with them. :)