Monday, February 28, 2011


Getting checked out

Bailey, ready to shoot

Bailey playing Jr. Jazz
Jared and Olivia, going to Sweethearts

Here is our family re-cap for February: On Feb 3, Brian and I went out to dinner at the Melting Pot to celebrate his 44th birthday. It was very fun! I cant believe he is getting so old.:)

This month has been filled with lots of BASKETBALL! Between church games, Jr. Jazz, and School games, plus the practices, we have a LOT of basketball!

Brigham went to the orthodontist and has begun the braces procedures. The picture with the horse mouth cracks me up! He has had a spacer on the roof of his mouth for the past month. He hates it, but he needs it before he can get the braces.

My Mom came and stayed with me for 5 days and it was SOOOOO fun! I LOVED IT! This was what I asked for from her for Christmas. She did all my mending, made a huge batch of raspberry jam, made dinner every night, and helped me with everything. She was the extra "me" I always wish I had! We watched several episodes of "crime" shows every night and it was really fun! Everyone missed her tons when she left.

I finally received a calling in my ward, I am the Laurel Advisor. I am SO happy about this! I LOVE being in the Young Womens.Brooke and Bailey are so excited that I will be in there, and that I will be going to Girls Camp this summer!

We went out to dinner last Friday with Dan and Jamie and then came back and played games.The kids all played together and we had a very fun night!

My baby has been pretty sick since yesterday, I stayed home from church with him cuz he only wanted me. :) I feel so bad for him, he can barely breathe and I can tell he just feels so miserable.