Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MAY 2011

So beautiful
My eight wonderful kids!
We had a snowball fight, there is tons of snow still up there!
My baby!
My handsome big boys
Bailey and Brooke
My oldest and my youngest!Jakey can't decide if he want juice or just takes both!
Baby Pit with Demsey, Lexi and Jakey
Jared doing a sweet jump!!!
Baby lizard! He is not quite sure how he feels about it....ha ha ha
Brooke and Bailey being pulled on a sled by 4 wheeler
Jakey and Jared
Bethany and Jordan
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes
Jameson "helping" Brooke with a school project lol
They always cuddle when they watch t.v. :)
Well obviously I am a little behind, since I always post an entry the last day of each month. But here is my recap for May.
My Bigelow got married on May 6!! Stephanie Bigelow is one of Jessie's best friends and I love her to death. She married Joey Defillipis in the Logan temple. We had a nice day and she looked so pretty. I am so happy for her. :)
Mothers Day was nice, my kids gave me a FREE DAY where they took care of everything and took the babies to several different places all day so I could just relax and do NOTHING! :)
It was WONDERFUL!!!!
May 19--21 was the Sand Dunes. It was really fun and we had a great time. My babies LOVED it. The first day it rained but it was really not too bad.
Then May 28-30 we went camping at Granit Flats over Memorial Day weekend. We totally got rained out and came home a day early because all we had been doing was sitting in the trailer. :( But we did get one good day in there and some cute pictures.