Tuesday, September 6, 2011

JULY 2011

I love these little boys so much.:)
BIG BOY in his underpants!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!
Jakey throwing a tantrum because his pizza was not done cooking yet.:)
Pioneer Honey Taffy!
Our Pioneer dinner! We made homemade butter too and it is SOOO good!
Our new puppy, Jack! Its actually Bethanys, but we all love him tons!
Jameson hated all the loud noises of the fireworks!
My two oldest baby girls! :)
Bethany and her awesome boyfriend Jordan!
My baby boys.:) they are SOOOOO cute!
Brooke, niece Becca, and Bailey! We have taken a picture of them like this for several years now
All the little cousins playing in the pool!

Okay on to July. We had a fun Fourth Of July celebration here with my side of the family. We always celebrate it at our house. It was even nicer this year to be able to do it in this huge house.Because everyone sleeps over. :) We always have so much fun.

We got a new puppy, Jack. Jordan bought him for Bethany as a substitute for himself while he is on his mission.:) Jordan's middle name is Jack, thus the puppies name.:)

I made a Pioneer Dinner to celebrate the 24th of July. Real authentic pioneer recipes, and we also made our own butter. We had a lesson on the pioneers and their unbelievable sacrifices. Then we made Honey Taffy! It was fun!

Jameson is FINALLY POTTY TRAINED completely!!! He was my oldest to be trained. He was a little stubborn.:) but we got him new Super Hero Squad underpants and I told him that there were no more diapers for him, I just was not going to buy any. And it worked! I know he COULD do it--he was just CHOOSING not to.

The little boys are so sweet together and protective of each other. They are always hugging and comforting each other if they get hurt or something.They sleep together in the crib.They play together constantly. It is so sweet and cute. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

JUNE 2011

Jameson on the big slide at Baileys party
Baileys 14th birthday Party!!
Our chickens!!! Great bug control and will give us eggs in the future!
Happy Birthday to the cutest two year old in the world! :)
Singing Happy Birthday to him
Youth Conference--playing the jellybean game where you dont know if the color you spin is a good one--like lime or a gross one like Vomit! Ha ha it was SOOOO funny!

Hanging out on the pier
Lost his trunks underwater and had to come back in someone elses towel!
Becca and Bailey! Singing in the Riverton Arts Festival
Jakey is my most wussy baby! He cries at things he should LOVE!! ha ha ha
Screaming again!
Not totally sure about this one....but no screaming! :)
I told myself I was NOT gonna get behind in my blog...I did. But now Im gonna try to catch up here. Okay June was great, I turned 41 and Jessica turned 21. Bailey turned 14 and Jacob turned 2! Its a busy birthday month in June for us, as you can see. For my birthday, I went out the entire day, all alone. I went to the stores I love and ate at the restaurants I love. I had SO MUCH FUN!
We went to Lagoon, and Jacob was afraid of pretty much every ride. :) We had a lot of fun though, and Jameson loved everything! We always go with my side of the extended family every year and take a yummy picnic.
I went to Youth Conference with our ward, along with my three kids that are in Mutual. It was fun. We stayed at a cabin and went boating. Jared lost his swim trunks UNDERWATER and came back wearing only a towel! it was pretty funny!
Bailey and Becca performed at the Riverton Arts Festival. They did AMAZING! I was very proud of them. They write their own songs and have amazing voices.
We got baby chickens! We have quite a big grasshopper population here, because of the field. Last August, when we walked through the back yard, grasshoppers were just scattering everywhere with each step we took. They were also all over the house! This year---none on the house and none on the lawn!