Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I saw this onesie at Walmart and loved it! It cracks me up! It describes Jameson perfectly. If you click on the picture it will make it bigger so you can see what F.B. I stands for!!

The Times to Remember

Last night, all the kids watched a scary movie together. We all like scary movies quite a bit, so I wasn't too worried. They never have nightmares, or think they are TOO scary. Anyway, Brian and I were just getting into bed, when Jared comes in and says, "Well, I'M sleeping in here tonight!" And he lays down on our floor with his pillow and blanket. A few minutes later, Brooke, Bailey and Brigham come in, and say, "Mom we HAVE to sleep in here with you tonight!" and they lay down with their bedding. I was chuckling a little that these "older" kids were scared enough to come sleep in Mom and Dads room, when Jess and Bethany come in! They say, "We are sleeping in here tonight!!!"
So there on the floor, in a row, beneath our bed were six kids, and Jameson in his crib, also still in our room. So our whole entire family slept in my room!!!

They were talking, whispering and giggling among themselves, and we just listened.I heard some weird comments, like, "The CAT had a cell phone?!" and "Hey! Little girl! I'll give you a piece of circular candy if you let me snap your leg in two!!"
Brian and I were just chuckling to ourselves and listening to their whispers.

We didn't tell them to be quiet, neither one of us. And then when Brian and I talked about it the next morning, we both were thinking the same thing: these are the times to remember....The night that everyone got scared and had to sleep in mom and dad's room. We WANTED to listen to them being silly all together. Making memories.

Time is passing by so quickly. Never wish your children to grow up too fast. I never have, and I am so glad.
This picture was taken in the morning, but Jess had already gotten up because Jameson had cried a lot in the night cuz he is sick.